Goodbye to Language Music Concert Poster.

The mandate of this project was to create promotional material for a music concert based on this given album by an artist at this venue. Goodbye to language by Daniel Lanois and Rocco DeLuca at the s.a.t was my mission. Using only pedal steel, lap steel, and effects, Lanois turns traditional sounds into ambient and effortless music, brilliantly masking the complexity of its source. The title, Goodbye to Language, has an expression that speaks directly to the pedal steel’s expressive qualities. The beat appear and dissolve again just as quickly. The music gives us illusion of being creative without effort.

The approach was to use a visual of a yellow rose which generally associated with good cheer. It’s a perfect way to lift spirits and send a general wish of well-being. This is what this album does, it lift spirits and puts our souls in a good but calm mood.

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