— Raised in Montreal, Quebec. Born a taurus in 1996 by a fighter and a lover. Middle child of a loving family of five.  Oh and I’m a pet lover.

I graduated in 2016 from Dawson College in Professional Photography which I then went on to study an other three year program at Dawson in Graphic Design.

“Shy kid from Montreal with a loving family, Jessica was always the black sheep everywhere she would go. Jessica is a stubborn person born in 1996 that likes to have perfection in everything she does. Her vision of imagery started to play with a camera at even two years old, stealing her parents camera and was trying to take pictures with it, waisting  all the rolls of film. She asked for a camera at christmas one year and since then, she has grown up as a photographer. She started photography at Dawson College in 2013. Her view of everything changed more since then. She became an amazing portrait and dance photographer. Jessica can pick out the decisive moments and see every little trait that someone else wont see.”
—  Pascale Hince

My mom has always been a role model to me. She was a strong women that never gave up. There is no one better to let you know who I am than my own mother.

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